Payment for City of Prattville Annual Christmas Parade

Friday, December 1, 2017; 7:00 p.m.

Entry Fee

$30.00 non-refundable Per Entry.

No more than 2 entries allowed.

Registration deadlin is November 25, 2016.

Please Make Note of the Following:

- Horses must be bagged. If you cannot bag your horses, you are required to have people following behind the horses to clean up the droppings.
- No live santas at the parade. Santa Claus rides on the City's final float in the parade.
-Entries must follow all of the parade rules. Parade rules may be viewed by clicking the button below. You must agree to comply these rules to register and by registering you explicitly agree to comply with any and all parade rules!

View Parade Rules

  1. The Christmas Parade will start at 7:00 p.m. on Friday, December 1. Parade begins at the Autauga County Courthouse and ends at Stanley Jensen Football Stadium. Parking will be available on the home side of the stadium and the parade will end in the visitors’ parking area just beyond the stadium on Doster.
  2. THIS YEAR’S THEME IS SIMPLY “CHRISTMAS.” This can be whatever Christmas means to you—a very special Christmas memory or tradition, etc. All entries will carry the pa-rade theme decorated in good taste.
  3. Only those entries that have completed and signed the registration form, paid the $30.00 entry fee and have been approved by parade officials will be allowed to participate. Examples of entries which would NOT BE APPROVED would include: Entry with NO Christmas theme, entries deemed to be in bad taste, offensive, lewd, etc.
  4. NO LIVE SANTA CLAUS IS ALLOWED AS PART OF YOUR ENTRY/FLOAT. Santa will ride at the end of the parade on the fire truck and that is the only Santa allowed in the parade.
  5. SAFETY shall be the number ONE priority for all entries:
    • Candy is to be tossed underhanded TO the crowd, not AT the crowd.
    • Children participating in the parade must be supervised by an adult Group Leader.
    • Float/flatbed entries will be required to provide two adult walkers on each side of float/ flatbed to ensure that no one darts into parade traffic.
    • Driver of any entry must be an adult with a valid driver’s license and must comply with all state laws applicable to that particular type of vehicle.
    • Vehicles/drivers must abide by all traffic laws—no spinning tires or digging out, or exhibition of speed, no swerving back and forth, and no stopping unless the parade is stopped.
    • All entries must have a driver and passenger (spotter of legal driving age) to help ensure safety.
    • Once the parade begins, everyone shall remain on their float. Absolutely no jumping on and off or exiting vehicles. All walkers and spotters must also stay within arms length of their parade entry.
  6. ALL THROWS MUST BE APPROVED BY THE CITY OF PRATTVILLE. Only candy, beads and holiday trinkets are allowed to be handed out at the parade. No printed materials or non-holiday themed items are allowed.
  7. Music is allowed as part of your entry, but ONLY CHRISTMAS MUSIC is allowed. All music and lyrics must be family-friendly. No lewd or offensive language of any kind will be allowed. No bullhorns are allowed on any float, vehicle, or in any walking group or individual, or any other parade entry. If you have questions regarding music that is allowed, please reach out to the Special Events Office for clarification.
  8. Businesses are limited to two (2) entries so that children’s organizations will have more opportunity to participate.
  9. Dance groups, bands and other groups are not allowed to perform routines that will stop the parade.
  10. Car or motorcycle clubs or other multi-entrant groups are limited to no more than 10 entries. Vehicles will be lined up in two (2) lines to shorten the length of your entry. For the safety of all, there will be NO SWERVING from side to side. If this occurs you will be asked to exit the parade procession immediately. MOTORCYCLISTS AND BICYCLISTS ARE REQUIRED BY ALABAMA STATE LAW TO WEAR HELMETS AT ALL TIMES. 3 _______ 11. Alabama state law prohibits ATVs and golf carts from public streets; therefore, ATVs and golf carts will be allowed to participate ONLY if hauled to the parade staging area at the beginning and picked up at the end of the parade.
  11. No parade participant will be allowed to have any weapons of any kind, including but not limited to firearms, knives, clubs or any other item that can be used as a weapon before, during or after the parade. No weapons or items that could be viewed as weapons are allowed.
  12. No parade participant will be allowed to have any fake weapons or items that sound like weapons that might startle participants and onlookers. Items not allowed include but are not limited to shooting guns, knives, hand-pulled units, firecrackers, fireworks, and noisemaker toys.
  13. Political campaigning, statements or views are not allowed as decoration, in music, or otherwise by any parade participant. However, political incumbents or candidates may have signs on floats or vehicles that identify them as political officials or candidates AS LONG AS THE FLOAT OR VEHICLE IS DECORATED WITH THE CHRISTMAS THEME. No campaign or political materials may be thrown out or handed out along the parade route.
  14. The City of Prattville is committed to providing a safe and family-friendly environment for our citizens. Parade entries not in compliance with the following rule will be removed from the parade: No words or acts of intolerance of any kind, with regard to race, age, sex, sexual orientation, creed or culture will be tolerated.
  15. Each entry shall be on time and in place based on the SPECIFIC instructions given to you after your registration has been approved.
  16. All parade vehicles must be attended by a driver at all times while in the staging area. Support vehicles carrying supplies are not allowed to park in the staging area. Supplies can be dropped off and then vehicles moved to designated parking areas. Vehicles dropping off children or other participants are not allowed in the staging area. Drop off areas will be designated in parade instruction letters provided after registrations have been approved.
  17. Maximum float/flatbed dimensions: Width: 8ft. 6in.; Height: 13 ft. 6 in.; total entry length: 57 ft. IF ENTRIES ARE LARGER THAN 57 FT. LONG, 8-1/2 FT. WIDE, AND/OR 13-1/2 FT. HIGH, YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO ENTER THE PARADE.
  18. Specific instructions about the route, where your entry will start, and where you will de -stage at the end of the parade, will be provided to each entry after the registration form and fees are received and the entry is approved.
  19. DO NOT THROW CANDY IN THE PARKING LOT. We understand that the float riders, particularly children, get very excited as the floats begin to roll out. However, candy thrown in the parking lot is extremely dangerous and has caused people to fall. PLEASE make sure your riders are aware of this rule.
  20. HORSES SHOULD BE BAGGED. If you cannot bag your horses, you are required to have people following behind the horses to clean up the droppings. Please contact Special Events 334-595-0854 with questions.
  21. The City of Prattville reserves the right to reject or accept any parade entry for any reason whatsoever, and to determine participation based on suitability for the occasion.
  22. The City of Prattville may take photographs and/or video images of entries in the parade for promotional purposes. These images will not be given away, sold, or otherwise disbursed and the City will take all precautions to keep the images protected. If you do not want images of your entry or participants of your entry to be used by the City for promotional purposes in print or on line, please indicate such on your application or contact the Special Events Office at 334-595-0854.

By submitting this form, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to abide by the Prattville Christmas Parade Rules. You also acknoledge and give permission to the City of Prattville to use photographs and/or video of your entry and participants who are a part of your entry for promotional purposes. You futher understand that any images and/or video will not be given away, sold, or otherwise disbursed other than for promotional purposes and the City of Prattville will take all precautions to keep any images and/or video protected.