Payment for Fountain City Arts Festival Artist Application

General Release: By submitting this application, the exhibitor verifies that he/she is directly involved with each piece of work to be exhibited and that the work meets the Rules for Participation as set forth herein.

The FCAF does not carry insurance to cover theft, loss, or damage to your work or personal property, or against personal injury to you or your helpers. The undersigned agrees and releases the City of Prattville, the Fountain City Arts Festival, and the Prattville Council for the Creative and Performing Arts for any damage or personal injury which he/she or helpers sustain while participating in the 2017 Fountain City Arts Festival.

If your application is accepted, you agree to the use of your images by the FCAF for promotional purposes and for display only. You agree that the images submitted for jurying are an accurate representation of the work designed and produced by the artist(s) applying and of the artwork which the artist will be showing at the FCAF.

I have read and understand the requirements for participating in the Fountain City Arts Festival on April 1, 2017. I agree to abide by the rules, policies, and guidelines of the FCAF and understand that failure to follow these regulations may result in expulsion from the festival and/or from future festivals at the sole discretion of the FCAF committee.

I hereby give permission to the City of Prattville to use photographs or video in print materials, social media or website for promotional purposes. I further understand that these images will not be given away, sold or otherwise disbursed other than for promotional purposes with the City of Prattville.

NOTE!: The system will send two emails to you upon successful payment. The first is a confimation email listing all of the details you've entered. The second is an email that is a receipt of payment. If you have not received these emails after 15 minutes, please call Brittany Glenn at 334-595-0854.